Direct to Garment 

We are now offering a new service which is Direct to Garment printing. This means printing straight onto material items using a DTG printer rather than the old way of screen printing and embroidery. We can take any image and print it onto our range of products, all of which are 100% cotton. Unfortunately we can only print onto garments which we provide to insure the best standard of product.

These include:



We can print on the front and back in full colour. We offer a range of colours. . We can currently only offer black images on brighter or fluorescent coloured tops. These products are ideal for work wear, sports wear and personalised gifts. We offer t shirts, polo shirts, hoodies

& sweatshirts.

Tote Bags


We can print on the front and back in full colour or monochrome.

The bags are lightweight but durable and are ideal for either advertising your business or giving as gift with a personalised picture of your choice on one or two sides. These fold nicely meaning you can pop it in your pocket if you are off to the shops and unfold it to carry all your items back. In a world where we are all doing our bit for the environment these bags will help reduce the number of plastic bags being used.

Bottle Bags

We can print on the front and back in full colour or monochrome. The bags are very durable and the ideal product to present a bottle or to protect those bottles put in the cupboard or on the wine rack for another day. They can be fully personalised with any message or name etc. Whether you are a business giving a bottle with compliments or someone who is buying a bottle as a gift for an event, these bags are a reasonably priced alternative to the less environmentally friendly equivalent.

Tea Towels

We can only print on these one sided in full colour or monochrome. The perfect gift for the person who loves spending time in the kitchen we can personalise with any image or writing. Ideal for school classes for all the children to draw something to put on and remember each other by. 

Baby Grows

We can print in full colour or monochrome on both sides. These products are safe, soft and comfortable for your baby to wear. We can personalise with any image or writing required making it the perfect present.

Other products we are going to offer which are coming shortly are:

  • Drawstring bags

  • Cushions

  • Hoodies

  • Sweatshirts

  • Aprons

  • Stockings

If you are interested or would like to order any of these products please call or email us .

10% off at current on all intial orders.